Government Relations

Dear Colleagues:

It is an honor to represent the Virginia Chapter of GBTA as the Legislative Liaison.  I am delighted to have this opportunity and look forward to serving you and our Chapter.  One of my very favorite quotes comes from Thomas Jefferson, “Eternal Vigilance is the price of Liberty.”  This idea sums up my belief and conviction in engaging with Government directly.

The US Travel Industry will account for about 503.7 Billion dollars in 2017.  The laws that are passed on the local, State and Federal levels have huge impact.  GBTA is one of the most effective voices today in advocating for the Travel Industry.  I want to ask you to join me in getting involved in one of GBTA’s Lobbying efforts.  They seek to impact the laws and changes we want within the Travel Industry.  Becoming involved in this chapter is one of the best ways to accomplish that goal.  

Understanding how legislation at the local, state and federal levels affect and effect your goods and services and the impact that legislation will have on your clients and colleagues.  Business Travel is both necessary and complex.  So is government.  Often our Industry is seen as an easy target for increasing revenues without impact to a direct constituent, making it “painless”.  Every law passed will affect some segment of our Industry and often as not, not for the better.  GBTA has been a vigilant advocate for making the Industry aware of impending legislation, helping us mobilize and directly lobbying on the National level to ensure that government officials are aware of the effects their actions have on the economy.  I am hopeful that you too desire to become involved in this critical process. 

Become involved by letting your Board know what you hear and read regarding regulations and your business.  Become involved by sending emails to our representatives.  Become involved by donating to the NBTA PAC, so that our colleagues in Washington and Richmond can teach our representatives.  Become involved because those who will not engage in politics are destined to be led by their lessors.  

Joyce Byington-Clark - VBTA Government Liaison