I.       PURPOSE

The VBTA’s mission includes advancing the professional development of travel professionals. To support this initiative, VBTA has developed a scholarship program for eligible travel professionals. Each year, VBTA will award scholarships to its members based on merit and involvement in the industry and the chapter.

II.      SCOPE

VBTA scholarship grants are only available to qualified members of the Virginia Business Travel Association who have demonstrated a well thought out professional development plan which will benefit both the applicant and VBTA.


A. Type of Scholarship

1.     Scholarship for a qualified individual to participate in travel related or professional development

        course approved by the VBTA Board of Directors. Examples include but are not limited to:

        GBTA Convention Registration; s Global Leadership Professional Certification (GLP);

        GBTA’s Certified Corporate Travel Executive Certification (CCTE); GBTA’s Fundamentals of

        Business Travel (CTE); Certifications in Meeting Planning (CMP or CMM)

2.     Scholarships cannot be applied to courses already completed.

3.     Scholarships must be used within one year of acceptance, or for the specific event to which they apply.

4.     Scholarships are given to the individual and are not transferable.

B.     Timeframe

1.   VBTA normally offers two annual opportunities for scholarships, during the Spring and Fall.

2.   The VBTA scholarship committee will notify all scholarship recipients


1.  Applicant must be an active and paid member of VBTA with no monies owed to the Chapter, and must maintain VBTA membership throughout the scholarship period.

2.  Applicant’s company must certify that it endorses the applicant and will allow the applicant necessary time and funding to attend the courses or programs.

3.  Applicant must comply with all schedules and requirements pertaining to the scholarship application process.

4.  Recipients must have attended at least 2 VBTA meetings within the previous 12 months. 

5.  GBTA Membership is required to attend Convention and Legislative Symposium.

V.   APPLICATION PROCESS                  

A.    Criteria and Procedures

1.   Complete and submit application by due date.

2.   Submit an autobiographic essay sharing why you are applying and why you should be selected

3.   Submit a signed company endorsement form.

4.   Applications must be complete to be considered.

B.   Application Review

1.   Applications are treated as privileged communications and are restricted to the Scholarship Committee which will include at least one Board member, and staff.

2.   The decision of the VBTA not to grant a scholarship rests within the sole and unfettered discretions of the VBTA Board, and this shall be final and binding and shall not be subject to challenge in any court for any reason.

3.  The VBTA staff will notify recipients directly.


A.      Selection Criteria

The VBTA Scholarship Committee will select scholarship grant recipients with the assistance of the VBTA’s Board, based on standard recipient selection procedures.

B.      Scholarship Committee

The VBTA Scholarship Committee is comprised of corporate travel managers and representatives from the travel industry.


A.   The funds from the scholarships will be paid directly to GBTA ,approved provider, or to the recipient with reciept of their payment for an approved course or event.

B.   Scholarship funds will apply to tuition or registration fees only.

C.   Reimbursement to member will be allowed with proper documentation.


Questions concerning the application process should be directed to:

Greg Cobban
Scholarship Committee
[email protected]