VBTA Committees

The following is a listing of VBTA Committees and their respective Directors. We encourage all members to participate by serving the Association whenever possible.  The more each of us puts into the VBTA, the more we get back from VBTA.  If you are interested in joining a committee please contact Greg Cobban at [email protected], or contact the Committee Directors listed below.


Responsible for development of Student/Educator Membership.  Builds curriculum for Education Day when applicable.  Responsible for Scholarship Committee when activated.


Responsible for membership growth. Establishes the rules and guidelines which all members will adhere and monitor as well. Registration duties with Treasurer.

Logistics/ Programs

Shall be responsible for meeting planning in relation to hospitality functions, educational activities, programs, and recommending locations and times of meetings to the VBTA Board of Directors.

Fund Raising/Events

Responsible for annual Auction/Gala, Golf Tournament, and other Social events

Government Affairs

Liason to the NBTA PAC.  Responsible for PAC fundraising as well as keeping the Membership informed.


Responsible for VBTA wesite development and social media sites. Updates our website and establishes rules and guidelines for social media to which all members will adhere . Registration duties with Treasurer.


Shall be responsible for the review of all nominations and verification that each nominee is a member in good standing. Also responsible for counting votes cast. Registration duties with the Treasurer.  Ad Hoc Committee established during Board elections only.


Shall be responsible for the addition of any new by-laws that have been approved by a majority of the voting membership and must maintain and distribute the by-laws accordingly.  Ad Hoc Committee established at the Board's discretion during periods of By-Law Reviews.


Shall ensure that all members of the Association are adhering to the Code of Ethics and notify the VBTA Board of Directors in the event a member is acting otherwise.  Ad Hoc Committee established at the Board's discretion during periods of Ethic Reviews.


Ad Hoc Committee that works with voting Board and Education Committee during scholarship awards